Our Mission & Vision

To Become the church that has a Desire to Reach and Grow the lost to a Genuine Relationship with Jesus Christ!



F.G.B.C. Staff


Pastor Brad Keenan, Lead Pastor

           We are so glad that you took the time too check out F.G.B.C.’s Website. Being that you are looking at our website we would have to Believe that you are curious about what God is doing here at F.G.B.C. Wow! Is the word that comes to mind. There is Excitement and Energy Moving throughout God’s church and it’s Awesome to see the congregation Uniting together in Christ.
My name is Brad Keenan and I am the Lead Pastor along with my beautiful wife,  Lori. We are also Blessed to have our family involved in our ministry as well.
If your looking for a church or you just need Encouraged our church family here at F.G.B.C. Can  help make that happen. 
Stay Strong in Christ


Nathan Keenan, Worship Leader

          Psalm 150 is a verse that I stand by as a Worship Leader. When you get to verse six it says “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”  A lot of people may feel the way I did when I was younger, I didn’t really know my place in the church or in ministry, but praise is our place, job, career, in the church and in everyday life.  Although my main goal every Sunday is to help the congregation enter in to worship, it’s also my duty to enter in as well and make the Lord smile in what I do.  We go up every Sunday expecting to have a new experience in worship then the last and we want everyone to come in with the same expectation.  Hope you come and join us on a Sunday and see what the Lord is doing!